John Powell

Instagram: @johnrpowellstudio 




Helen Frankenthaler said it best: "I wanted things that I couldn't at times articulate." My work is an attempt to explore an emotional inner world that is difficult, if not impossible, to realize with specific language. Our lives are filled with transcendent experiences which leave us in states of awe, terror, fear, and bliss. When words fail to capture our visceral response to such extreme moments, we retreat to the lyrical and abstract in poetry, music, and art. The swell of an orchestra, a splash of color in a sunset, an embracing feeling in the wind; the intense emotion these inspire need no interpretation.

The weight of interpretive language dulls the impact of the moment and often feels foreign to another. I want my work to celebrate and open itself to the unique inner life of every audience member. One may see recognizable forms, another may see a narrative, yet another may hear music in the interplay of forms and space. All of these interpretations are true. The painting serves as a conduit or amplifier, teasing out emotional responses.

No words are needed. We can just stand in silence and feel the painting. That is enough.

"It is a visual medium. We don't need literal interpretation of visual things. Enjoy it for visual, sensual reasons, not literal, interpretive reasons." –Cy Twombly