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Robin Roi

Location: 609 18th St (between 10th & 11th Avenues)

Instagram: @robroiceramics

The Decorative Arts have always been my passion. I have devoted my career to the investigation, study and application of all things decorative and beautiful to my eye. 

After a career of painting on paper and walls, I have expanded to explore clay as a medium for my interests in pattern and design. Ceramics have infused my creativity with a new love for the three-dimensional canvas that is a vessel; a canvas that can be cut, scraped, stamped, carved, thrown, chopped and finally painted and glazed with pattern and design and not incidentally… utilized.

I grew up in North Carolina and studied painting both at the University of N.C. where I received my BFA and at Claremont University in California for my MFA. After graduate school, I returned to North Carolina and became, for the next three years, a Visiting Artist through a grant with the North Carolina Arts Council. In 1977 I came to New York where my career took off in a lot of exciting directions. I became part of what was known as the “pattern and decoration” movement, exhibiting my work widely and was represented by the Gladstone Gallery in N.Y and the Hans Strelow Gallery in Switzerland. When not producing my own art, I have always worked in art related jobs; The Drawing Center in Soho, The American Crafts Museum, The Heller Glass Gallery.

In 1982, I went to work for Evergreene Architectural Arts, the largest restoration, mural and decorative arts studio in the world (seriously).  After a few years as a studio artist, I became the Director of the Decorative Painting department, where, over the years, I was able to work on some of the most iconic buildings in the U.S. as well as smaller, jewel like residential projects.

After working at Evergreene Architectural Arts for 33 years, I left to become a full time independent artist. In the past few years I have worked as lead restoration artist for the renowned “Jane’s Carousel” in Dumbo, Brooklyn. However, my main activity has been working as a full time studio ceramic artist as well as producing works on paper.