Fotini Vurgaropulou


Location: Prospect Park West
Website:  fotinivurgaropulou.com
Instagram: Fotini Vurgaropulou
Facebook: Fotini Vurgaropulou



 Fotini was born in Greece and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts, an industrial mill town thirty miles north of Boston.  She received a B.F.A. in Sculpture from RISD in 1984.  In 1988, Fotini moved to New York City to attend Parsons School of Design, where she received an M.F.A. in Sculpture in 1990.  She lives and works in NYC as an artist, educator and mentor.  From 1992-94, Fotini curated and directed Dedicated Space, an alternative exhibition space in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  She organized and curated exhibits, performances and studio tours that promoted both emerging and established artists, and is a certified art and antique appraiser.  Fotini exhibits her work regularly, using a variety of media including plaster, cement, wax, glass, resin, found objects and hardware.  Her work can be viewed in curated registries, on line at www.FotiniVurgaropulou.com, and in several art publications.

Fotini's sculpture, in general, consists of multiple cast glass and other mixed media pieces that create a vocabulary of repetitive forms with translucency and light that obsessively inform one another.  She uses fragmented human, natural and industrial artifacts that stand in as exaggerated parts of a whole.  As installation fractions or individual pieces, the work is at once ephemeral and visceral and expands her themes of danger, desire, engagement, endurance and selective abandonment.