To allow time for new members to integrate into the group before the Nov Open Studio, membership applications are closed from July 1, 2019 to Jan 1, 2020 (The application form is disabled)

New Member Application

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Form is disbled.

About the Group



(The geographic boundaries are: North: Flatbush, South: 24th Street, West: 4th Avenue, East: Caton Avenue.). Since 2013 we’ve held annual Open Studio weekends where the public is invited to visit our studios to view and purchase art. We also participate in other local events such as Gowanus Open Studios, Art Slope and other ongoing exhibitions in local venues.

Our membership is as varied as the neighborhoods in Brooklyn. We are approximately 40 distinguished, award-winning professionals as well as emerging, talented, cutting-edge artists. Sculptors, photographers, painters working realistic/abstract/everything in-between, ceramic artists, printmakers, collage artists, fiber artists, conceptual and environmental creators—all of us have a passion for what we do. We look forward to having you in our group.


Base dues are $25.00 per year and cover some general expenses such as website maintenance and general publicity.

All special events, for example the Open Studio Weekend, which usually takes place in November will require additional funds for advertising, poster, maps, etc.


Our monthly meetings usually take place on Saturday mornings and last approximately one and a half hours. It is an opportunity to meet and greet and share opportunities for exhibiting and other community events with one another. It is primarily a business meeting where our yearly events are planned and voted upon. Members are encouraged to join Committees formed for these various events and to share any information they have gathered since the previous meeting.

Membership Responsibilities

It is highly recommended that you attend meetings to have your voice heard. Many decisions are made at these meetings and your participation is important to the whole group. It is strongly suggested that you attend a minimum of 4 to 5 meetings a year.

You will be encouraged to join a committee so that the work of running the group is shared by all.

Membership Offerings

Exhibition opportunities, Community engagement, Interaction with other artists, News about shows around town, Studio visits.

We are an evolving group. We welcome member input and suggestions for expanding the range of opportunities offered, whether it be for cheap studio space you heard about, a new place to buy materials or a great show you just saw.


Please email for any further questions or information.