Robin Glassman


Location: 179 Prospect Park SW, #2
Website:  RobinGlassman.com
Instagram: @Robin Glassman
Facebook: RobinGlassman

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Combining biomorphic and geometric lines and shapes with intricate details, Robin Glassman’s mixed media artworks play with the blurry lines that divide the natural world from the more abstract and fantastical one. Inspired by travels, dreams and an obsession with collecting, her playful and, sometimes, spiritual art pieces evolve organically through improvised mark making and meditation.

“My latest series transforms unfinished collages from the 90s and 00s into abstract landscapes. The act of returning to these earlier works has given me the freedom to build up layers and take risks. By spontaneously exploring and incorporating new materials, my process imbues the original, somewhat flat, pieces with new life!”

These mixed media drawings, paintings, and collages include art materials such as: colored pencils, ink, markers, acrylic paint, watercolors, crayons. They also incorporate assorted collected materials, beads, “get well” cards, napkins, paper tape, PET scans, capsules, plastic oxygen tubing, stickers, and torn pieces from old drawings.

Since 1990, Glassman has lived in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, as well as, upstate in Accord, NY. Her work is inspired by walking and sitting in nature and playing indoors and outdoors with both collected and found objects and natural materials. “I am never without my sketchbook and am constantly mining the environment for new projects and ideas. In addition, by practicing Taoist Meditation, Chi Gong and Wu-style Tai Chi for the past twenty years, I have integrated the principles into daily life.”

Selected exhibitions include the following: In 2018, Glassman was invited to be the first artist to have a solo exhibition at the Charles Hallac Art Gallery at Memorial Sloan Kettering. At other NYC venues, she showed collages, drawings, paintings, assemblages, and installations at Ivy Brown Gallery in a 2017 solo show and at Merkin Concert Hall Gallery. Her works have been shown at Brooklyn Bridge State Park and BRIC and for numerous years at BWAC. In the Hudson Valley, two mixed media sculptures were included in the 2019 International Sculpture Day exhibit at J.J.Newberry, Saugerties and a site-specific installation was included in the 2009 Kingston Biennial. Her work has also been shown at SUNY Ulster, Stone Ridge and Greene County Council on the Arts, Catskill, NY.