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Jonathan Blum


Location: 285 5th Avenue (between 1st and 2nd St) 
Instagram: @JonathanBlumPortraits
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I am a portrait painter. My work ranges from the fanciful to the classically realistic. I can trace my painting career back to a "forehead" cartoon (a self portrait from the eyes up) that I created in Boston in 1986. I've been doing variations of this ever since.

Whether I'm painting a fraction or an entire face of a fictitious or realistic character, whether it's a mural or a painting, whether or not there is something on top of my subject's head, what remains consistent is my interest in creating an arresting image.

I'm 52 years old and a Washington, D.C. native. I went to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Emerson College. I've had one-man portrait shows all over the world including Washington, D.C., Provincetown MA, Boston, New Orleans, New York, Miami, Seattle, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Tel Aviv, and Prague.

For 18 years, I have been making art and selling it out of my studio/storefront space at 285 5th Ave in Park Slope, Brooklyn, which, over the years, has become a well known spot and a destination for art lovers in the community.

"Open By Appointment and By Luck" has been the sign on my shop since I first opened and after all these years, I still get great pleasure selling my work directly to the public in my storefront, at street fairs, and other art festivals around the country.

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