Josephine Bentivegna


Location: 1228-A Prospect Ave. Brooklyn NY




For the mere fact of my birth as female, I am a second class citizen and I

have feelings about this.

Working for me, has been about how to convey these feelings.

Since 2016, I’ve became hyper vigilant because of a very conservative

and anti minority and anti women forces that has come to power in our

government. My vigilance came in the form of watching nightly news

and listening to public radio and political podcasts.

A few months ago, Brett Kavanaugh was nominated to the Supreme

Court. Christine Blasey Ford decided to stand up and tell her story

about how Mr. Kavanaugh, when he was a very entitled youth, attacked

her with the intention of rape.

As I set and watched the hearing, memories of Anita Hill and Clarence

Thomas came forward. I was hopeful though, that we all had progress

since then. I was shocked and angered when I realized we had not.

The Kavanaugh series of sculptured reliefs in clay, was begun while the

hearing was being televised. The format is pictorial because I want to

tell stories about the human beings enmeshed in this tragic drama. My

hope is that they will help open up a dialogue about sexism, racism and

other systemic injustices in our society.