Karen Giordano

Location:  for 2018 Open Studios: Hootenanny Art Annex, 413A 7th Ave (near 13th St)
Instagram: rabbitsawake
Facebook: karengiordano.188

I create mixed media drawings and paintings on canvas, paper and found wood. My love of nature and our connection to it is an important aspect of my work, and I am inspired by the animals, flowers, plants, textures and patterns found around me, as well as the interplay between the natural and man made world, its beauty and its chaos. My paintings are both abstract and figurative, and play with color, form, line, composition and gesture in an effort to balance the two.

My paintings are usually unplanned and driven largely by intuition and spontaneity. Starting with a single idea such as a color, shape or image, I let the piece unfold organically through experimentation with the materials and the playful layering of paint. I often incorporate repeating shapes and patterns and geometric elements, sometimes using stenciling, printmaking, finger painting and other unconventional techniques. By combining oils, acrylics, pastel, pencil and collage, I enjoy the surprising results that arise from layering different materials in unexpected ways until a final balance is reached.