Raya Dukhan

Location:  406 7th Ave #7 at 13th St
Instagram: @RayaDukhan 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MURSA

There is something visceral about seeing layers upon layers of old paint and the process of textural decomposition.  It’s alive and wants to continue to breathe life and grow—my process begins with this preoccupation.

 If I’m working on a canvas I don’t always begin with a subject matter, sometimes the work starts with manipulating the canvas with different texture-building materials to see what develops and ideas can reveal themselves in this evolution.  Once the canvas begins to take life, color starts to mingle with the shapes revealed by the manipulated surface and the story starts to unfold. 

Often this process morphs as layers get added and taken away. The outcome can feel like a story that takes many turns and twists.