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Robin Lehrer Roi

Location: 609 18th St (between 10th & 11th Avenues)


Instagram: @robroidesign

The greater part of my career has been spent as a painter. As a fine artist and part of the “Pattern and Decoration” movement of the 1980’s, I was represented by The Barbara Gladstone Gallery in New York and the Hans Strelow Gallery in Dusseldorf. Subsequently I became Director of Decorative Painting, working for more than 30 years for Evergreene Architectural Arts, the largest mural, restoration and decorative arts company in the world

 As a fine artist, I have a resume of hundreds of exhibitions from around the country. As a decorative painter I have touched every important building in New York as well as iconic buildings across the nation with a resume of projects many pages long. As a designer, I created a line of bespoke wallpapers for Studio E, a sister company of Evergreene.

 Along with my career at Evergreene, several years ago, I began working in clay.  In 2015, after 32 years at Evergreene, I returned to my career as a full- time studio artist; working in both ceramics and painting. 

 Working in clay is incredibly satisfying and though my current work is, for the most part, functional; my primary consideration is always the form and design of each piece. I find it very intriguing to marry my love of surface patterning and design to the three- dimensional shape. 

 My paintings are narrative and layered in both technique and content. Pattern is a consistent and vital element that I use more and more as a tool and a language rather than the focal point it once was in my paintings of the 1980’s. Pattern is often the scaffolding beneath, the stratum, supporting the rich, narrative imagery.

 Having two such disparate mediums as painting and clay to work in allows for a great range of inquiry and expression as well as challenge.