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Robin Lehrer Roi

Location: 609 18th St (between 10th & 11th Avenues)


Instagram: @robroidesign

My deep connection to the decorative arts has been a huge influence on my career as both a painter and a ceramic artist. After a long career of investigation, study and application of decorative painting as Director of Decorative Painting at Evergreene Architectural Arts, I have returned to full-time studio work in both mixed media painting and ceramics.

Much of my ceramics have highly decorated surfaces filled with patterns culled from a lifetime of researching and collecting old wallpapers, historic stencils, textiles and other “flotsam and jetsam”. My mixed media works on paper have a strong foundation in pattern as well, combined with a layered narrative content. With references to historic, botanic and multi-cultural patterning, layered with personal symbols and imagery, my work provides depth both visual and metaphorical. My long- standing passion for pattern, in nature, human nature and in the man-made world are often the scaffolding beneath the narratives of my mixed media works on paper and continue to provide inspiration for both my 2D and 3D work